The Studio has a unique way of combining the Viennese tradition of reed construction with state of the art technology.

While still a student at the Vienna University of Music Peter Leuthner was strongly interested in the construction of clarinet reeds. But first, after successfully completing his diploma, the clarinetist played many years both in the orchestra of the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic. Parallel to his artistic occupation were always considerations of setting up a business of his own to produce reeds.

After thorough preparation Peter Leuthner finally started his company in November 1997. From the beginning the professional musician put his main focus on highest quality of the material and technical perfection in manufacturing reeds. In the phases of model development Peter Leuthner could rely on feedback from many of his collagues from several international top orchestras who still test the reed models before they are produced as standard in Vienna. Not only the top clarinetists themselves benefit from the excellent relationship to the producer of the reeds, but also all those who appreciate brilliant sound and perfectly manufactured reeds.


Not only because of enviromental reasons, but due to his conviction Peter Leuthner puts his focus fully on cane. Only a perfectly manufactured reed made from this natural material allows to savour to the full the entire sound spectrum of artistically played music – according to the motto: living material for lively music and a maximum of sound quality.

Reed Shapes

In a unique, specially developed and innovative method vibration-optimized reed shapes were generated for all systems. Only this maximum of quality and technical progress will meet the high needs and expectations of the musicians.


There is no question that only the best French cane, which is selected by hand after several years of storage is used in the manufacturing process. This requires not only decades of experience, but also ideal climatic conditions.

Manufacturing of the reeds

The reeds are produced on specially developed, computercontrolled machines based on traditional French technology of reed manufacturing and processing. They allow a precise cut of the reed, exact measurement of its elasticity and the subsequent sorting of the reeds by half strengths.

Finally, the manufactured reeds are subjected to strict quality control and may be reworked to meet all artistic demands. In a unique way Vienna´s tradition of reed manufacturing is thus combined with state of the art technology.

Since each naturally grown piece of cane has its individual characteristics, even at these high technological standards no reed resembles the other at a hundred percent!